Holland Construction and Remodeling, Inc. - residential and commercial remodeling

Holland Home Remodeling has been in business over 20 years in Champaign, IL and has successfully completed well over two hundred (200) projects in that time.  We are a versatile company able to handle your small or large projects.

Founder and President, Cora Holland, says,
"I am fortunate to have had parents who were entrepreneurs in Champaign - Urbana.  They taught me how to run a business and provide good customer service, understanding that client satisfaction is the most important part of business.

Another satisfying aspect of the work is in helping the community by employing a diverse group of people.

Overall, I have learned that operating a general contracting business takes perseverance, long hours, dedication and a passion for the work:  It is an art." 

Champaign County Chamber of Commerce